It is not compulsory to have a registered address in Estonia for a company registered in Estonia. However, most of our clients prefer to have their registered legal address in Estonia. The service provides the company with a physical mailbox and legal address. The service includes receiving, forwarding, and storing mail.

Our registered address service is an annualised service. We can also issue a confirmation letter confirming that we are providing the service. The document may be necessary if the customer decides to open a bank account with a foreign bank. Please note that our incorporation packages include a legal address and the contact person service for the first year, but services can also be outsourced to an existing company or if the customer decides to set up their business themselves.



An authorised contact person is mandatory for all companies in Estonia that do not have a board residing in Estonia. Pursuant to the Commercial Code, a company, including a foreign company with a branch in Estonia, may designate a person to whom procedural documents of the undertaking and declarations of intent addressed to the undertaking may be delivered in Estonia (hereinafter a contact person). When a procedural document or a declaration of intention is delivered to the contact person, the corresponding procedural document or declaration of intention is also deemed to have been delivered to the undertaking.

If the management or a substitute body is located in a foreign country, the company shall designate a contact person. In this case, only a notary, advocate, law office, sworn auditor, audit firm, tax representative of a non-resident for the purposes of the Taxation Act, or a provider of trust and company services may be designated as a contact person. In this case, the business address will be the address of the contact person.

Accordingly, we hold a licence to provide the contact person service to our clients. Please note that our incorporation packages include a legal address and the contact person service for the first year, but services can also be outsourced to an existing company or if the customer decides to set up their business themselves.



There are three major banks in Estonia that are willing to open an account to non-resident companies: SEB Pank, Swedbank, and LHV. The most client-friendly bank is the Estonian bank LHV.

We provide assistance for opening multi-currency bank accounts and applying for payment cards. The application for opening a bank account can be submitted remotely and the decision will be made before the visit to Estonia. Please note that opening a bank account remotely is currently not available in Estonia.

In addition, the Commercial Code of Estonia does not require the company to open a payment account in an Estonian bank. Therefore, we cooperate with foreign banks and payment service providers as well.

Please send us an enquiry and we will provide a tailor-made solution and analysis which follows your company’s needs the best.




It is known that opening a bank account at an Estonian bank for non-resident Estonian companies is complicated. The bank requires a clear reason why the company should have an account in Estonia. However, an Estonian company is not required to have an account at an Estonian bank. Therefore, we are pleased to provide assistance with opening a payment account.

We cooperate with various payment service providers such as Paysera, TransferWise, Bilderlings, and B2B Pay, just to name a few. Based on the customer’s business model, we recommend the service providers that best meet our clients’ needs. We fully assist our clients in opening an account, advise the client, and communicate with the payment service provider.



After the company is established, we will send our clients a certificate of registration, but various other company documents can also be ordered. It is up to the client to decide whether the documents must be notarised and apostilled or may be simple extracts from the commercial register.

Below is a list of the most ordered documents you can order at any time after setting up your business. All documents are in English or are translated into English either by a regular translator or by a sworn translator

  • The company’s registry card with a list of shareholders and directors 
  • The company’s articles of association
  • List of the company’s UBOs 
  • Certificate of Estonian Tax residency
  • The company’s registry card with directors, no shareholders
  • The company’s registry card with full history
  • License certificate


If you already have an operating company in Estonia and you are interested in making changes in the company’s data that is available in the commercial register, we are able to fully assist you in this matter.

Changes in the commercial register have to be made when you decide to, for example, make a share capital contribution or increase/decrease the share capital. A change is also necessary if you wish to change the management board – either recall or add a member – or change the address or e-mail address of the company.

We also assist in making amendments to the company’s articles of association, which is followed by sending petition to the commercial register to confirm the new articles of association.

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