Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

27th of November 2019

Data controller

  • The data controller is OÜ ESTLEGAL CORPORATE SERVICES (registry code 14815504, address Valukoja tn 8/1 Tallinn, e-mail, hereinafter ‘Estlegal Corporate Services’ or ‘we’/‘us’/‘our’).
  • Estlegal Corporate Services needs to process personal data as they wish to provide the best services to the customers.

Protection of personal data

  • Protection of personal data is very important for Estlegal Corporate Services and we make our best efforts to ensure it.
  • Our processing of personal data is restricted to the minimum and we only request the customer to provide the personal data which are required for providing services.
  • Estlegal Corporate Services processes personal data pursuant to the European General Data Protection Regulation, other legislation governing protection of personal data, and the law of Estonia.
  • We notify the customers of which personal data are processed by Estlegal Corporate Services, for which purposes, and what are the customer’s rights in connection with processing of personal data.

The purpose of processing personal data

  • We process personal data to provide various services to customers through the website of Estlegal Corporate Services,, and through the websites of our partners, as well as in other ways.
  • We also process personal data to make the best offers for services, to assess the quality of customer service, the purchase preferences and purchasing behavior of the customers, as well as for statistical analyses.

The legal grounds for processing personal data

  • We process personal data based on the contract entered into with the service buyer and the contract entered into with the price requester.
  • We only send direct marketing offers based on the customer’s consent, which can be withdrawn. Consent may be granted upon entry into the contract.

Sources of personal data

  • We only receive personal data directly from the customer or the customers’ representative.

The personal data processed by Estlegal Corporate Services

  • In order to provide services to private customers, Estlegal Corporate Services requests the customer’s name, e-mail, gender, address, marital status, ID and bank account number. In case a legal entity pays for a private customer, Estlegal Corporate Services will ask for the company name, address, country of registration, registry code, telephone number, website URL, VAT number, representative name and bank account number.
  • In order to provide business services to business clients, Estlegal Corporate Services requests company name, address, registry code, phone number, website URL, VAT number, bank account number, representative/shareholder/UBO name, representative email, representative phone, representative gender, representative/shareholder/UBO address, representative/shareholder/UBO identity document.
  • For the purpose of providing the service, Estlegal Corporate Services requests the customer’s representatives and dealers name, e-mail address, telephone number, gender, copies of the document certifying the right of representation.
  • In order to provide services to individuals when a shareholder is a company, Estlegal Corporate Services will request the customer’s name, e-mail address, telephone number, gender, address, marital status, identification, bank account number and the name. Additionally, Estlegal Corporate Services requests the registry code, country of registration, address, telephone number of the company becoming a shareholder and the company’s representative/shareholder/UBO name address, representative/shareholder/UBO identity documentation, representative e-mail, representative phone and representative gender.
  • Estlegal Corporate Services requests the customer’s name, e-mail address, telephone number, residency and skype address to manage potential clients for the purposes of providing services and customer communications.

The customer’s rights

  • To receive information on which personal data about them are processed by us.
  • To request the rectification or updating of personal data.
  • To request the deletion of personal data.
  • To withdraw the consent granted for processing personal data, but in this case, the customer will also lose the right for service provision.
  • To withdraw the consent granted for sending marketing offers.
  • To deny Estlegal Corporate Services the right to make decisions and send offers based on automated processing of personal data.

Disclosure of personal data

  • We maintain the confidentiality of personal data.
  • We only disclose personal data in the cases provided for in the legislation to fulfil our statutory obligations (e.g. to courts and investigating bodies).

Transfer of personal data

  • We only transfer personal data to national institutions (if it is required by the institution) and to the data processors of Estlegal Corporate Services who provide services to Estlegal Corporate Services (e.g. auditor, provider of accounting or legal services, debt collection company, etc.) and to our partners.

Retention of personal data

  • We retain personal data until the expiry of the contract entered into with the customer and after that until the expiry of any claims arising from the contract.

Using of cookies

  • We use cookies on the website for providing services, i.e. text files which are downloaded into the device of the website or the user of the website (computer, mobile phone). Cookies are saved in the folder of the browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox) on the hard disk of the device. Cookies enable to recognise the users on their future visits to the website, to determine their interests and preferences by analysing their choices, and, based on this, to offer them better terms and conditions of use and present offers or advertising through the website. Cookies entail no threat to the device of the website. We use cookies to ensure that visitors to the website would not be required to re-enter the information which they have already entered on a previous visit.


  • Estlegal Corporate Services reserves the right to amend the privacy policy by notifying thereof at least 1 (one) month prior to entry into force of the amendments through the following websites: and

The customer’s consent

  • By making an inquiry, the customer consents to the processing of their personal data and to sending marketing offers.

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