Registration as a VAT payer can be either mandatory or optional. The obligation to register as a VAT company arises from the date on which the taxable supply of the company’s transactions exceeds EUR 40,000 as calculated from the beginning of the calendar year. If the company does not yet have a taxable supply or if his taxable supply does not exceed EUR 40,000, VAT registration is optional. The prerequisite for VAT registration is that the company is engaged in business or intends to do business in Estonia.

After registering as VAT payer, the company needs to submit two declarations to the Tax and Customs Board. When you order a monthly accounting service from us, we will submit the mandatory declarations.

We provide our clients with full assistance in registering as a VAT payer. We also advise our clients if the business may require a VAT registration number in Estonia or another country. This depends on the client’s company’s area of activity. Please send us an enquiry to determine your company’s needs.



On 1 July 2009, the Economic Operators Registration and Identification System (EORI) was introduced in all EU Member States for identification of economic operators as regards their customs-related activities. Economic operators engaged in foreign trade who register themselves in the EORI system are given unique identification numbers (EORI numbers), which will be forwarded to the EORI central database.

The use of an EORI number allows to identify economic operators within the entire EU customs territory and it is mandatory for all economic operators engaged in the import or export of goods, transit transportation, or when performing other customs-related activities.

We assist our clients with applications for a EORI number with submitting the respective application electronically in the e-tax/e-customs environment. Please send us an enquiry if you believe the number might be relevant for your company’s activity.



A special scheme for imposing value added tax on electronic communications and electronically supplied services – MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop) concerns the taxation of electronic communications services and electronically supplied services (hereinafter digital services).

MOSS concerns persons liable to value added tax who are providing electronic communications services (telecommunications and broadcasting services) and electronic services to persons not liable to account for VAT who are established in other European Union Member States.

We assist our clients with determining the need for registration for the MOSS scheme. Persons who are liable to value added tax in Estonia and who wish to supply services under the MOSS special scheme have to submit the respective application to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. We assist our clients with the application and provide full support with the submission of MOSS declarations.



Trademark is a sign used in trade to identify products and services. Your trademark is the sign that your customers use to pick you and to find your product or service among others. It must distinguish you from your competitors. Trademark protection cannot be used to protect the content of goods or services, the way in which goods are manufactured or provided, the components of the products, etc.

Provided that your trademark is distinctive, it can consist of words or of a figurative element, words in combination with a figurative element, a three-dimensional sign, a sound, a pattern, a movement, etc.

Send us an enquiry if you are interested in registering your company’s name or brand name as trademark.



The LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) is a global legal entity identifier, consisting of a 20-digit alphanumeric code.

Incorporated entities possessing the right to provide investment services are required to use a LEI code when informing regulatory agencies of transactions performed with securities belonging to a client who is a legal entity. If the legal entity client does not have a LEI code, it will not be possible to complete the reporting obligation and, as a result, it will also not be possible to fulfil the legal entity’s transaction orders.

Send us an enquiry if you are interested in obtaining a LEI code for your company. If you are not sure whether the code is required, we can assist you with determining the need.

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